CoVid-19 – A message to our customers

Throughout the pandemic, Carolina Blinds and Curtains has sought to work as safely as possible to protect our customers and our staff.

Following the announcement on 4th January of the new lockdown, we have decided not to enter occupied properties until Government guidance tells us that it is safe to do so.  We will review this decision weekly and will post any change onto our website at the earliest opportunity.

Our phone lines will continue to be staffed and we will respond to any messages on a daily basis

If you are in a situation where the lack of curtains or blinds puts you at risk, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

We will continue to work with you, our customers to provide specifications and estimates for window dressings based on measurements you give us.

We thank you for your support and understanding and we look forward to serving you in 2021, as the situation improves.

Wood Venetian blinds offer all the sophistication and productivity of a standard Venetian with the softer aesthetic of wood in 12 different finishes.
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Wood Venetian
Wood Venetian
Wood Venetian
Wood Venetian
Wood Venetian
Wood Venetian
Wood Venetian
Wood Venetian

Why choose wood Venetian blinds?

  • Tick icon Wood Venetian blinds are versatile. Use them in any room
  • Tick icon Protect privacy while still admitting light
  • Tick icon 12 attractive finishes to choose from
  • Tick icon Creates a chic look with clean lines

Things to think about

  • Question icon Can be heavy to operate
  • Question icon There are limited colours
  • Question icon Venetian blinds do require occasional dusting

How to choose

To make the decision of picking a style of blind a little easier, we provide a selection of colours and fabrics for you to peruse. Also, free quotations are available with all our blind services, so get in touch when you want to brighten the interior of your property.

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Warm up your windows with wood Venetians

Venetian blinds are the iconic blind style with horizontal slats or louvres which can be adjusted to admit various amounts of light. Wood Venetian blinds add a warmth and homeliness that traditional Venetians can sometimes lack while maintaining a sleek, contemporary look. If you like the idea of wooden shutters but are unable or unwilling to pay extra (or wait for installation), wood Venetian blinds make an economical alternative.

The width and finish of the slats can vastly alter the appearance of your wood Venetian blinds so we recommend spending plenty of time considering your options. We offer a selection of three different widths and no fewer than 12 wood finishes to suit different tastes and types of home.

You can choose between a traditional manually operated blind or a state-of-the-art motorised version. Since wood Venetian blinds tend to be a little heavier than other types of blind, remote-control operation may be of benefit, particularly for older homeowners or where blinds are in awkward positions. Motorised blinds can be connected to your computer or virtual assistant (Alexa, Google Home, etc. via WiFi.

With their natural yet smart aesthetic, wood Venetian blinds can be tailored to fit most types of home or office. However, if you aren’t sure whether they would be suitable for your room, don’t worry. Our experienced advisors can go through the options with you and give you their unbiased advice.

Ordering From
Carolina Blinds & Curtains.
Couldn't be simpler! We offer a personal fitting service for our customers. Just get in touch with one our local advisers who can help you through the process.
Fitting Service.
All our made to measure blinds are curtains are individually measured to ensure they fit the window space perfectly. Plus, one of our experienced advisors accurately measures the area to make sure your blinds or curtains are made to your exact requirements.

Step One - Call

Step One - Call

Call our friendly staff, and let us know what you are looking for.

Step Two - Measure

Step Two - Measure

Our staff will come to you.  Measure up and prepare a free quotation.

Step Three - Check

Step Three - Check

We will process your order and let you know when the goods have been checked.

Step Four - Fit

Step Four - Fit

We bring your blinds/curtains to you and fit them.