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With their soft, fabric pleats, these blinds offer a gentle, chic aesthetic with a variety of fabrics from translucent to blackout.
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Pleated Blinds
Pleated Blinds
Pleated Blinds
Pleated Blinds

Why choose pleated blinds?

  • Tick icon Wide range of colours and finishes
  • Tick icon Soft, clean, modern look
  • Tick icon Can be free-hanging or perfect fit
  • Tick icon Opens up or down with a small, neat stack

Things to think about

  • Question icon Like rollers, blind is either up or down - there is no visibility when closed
  • Question icon Consider Hive® heat-saving system for improved insulation
  • Question icon Standard pleated blinds let more light in than other styles of blind

How to choose

To make the decision of picking a style of blind a little easier, we provide a selection of colours and fabrics for you to peruse. Also, free quotations are available with all our blind services, so get in touch when you want to brighten the interior of your property.

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Pick out your perfect pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are similar in style to traditional Venetians at first glance, but with a softer, more modern aesthetic.  On closer inspection they consist of a continuous piece of fabric, pleated to fold easily away. They are ideal for fitting to conservatory windows where they protect from the glare of the sun while permitting light to enter the room.

Pleated blinds come in various fabric options and a diverse range of colours and finishes. As traditional pleated blinds are made from one layer of fabric, they can let heat escape during the winter. For a far more insulating effect, we can supply and fit Hive® pleated blinds. The Hive system traps air within its advanced cellular structure which will help keep your room warm during the winter without having to rely on expensive heating, something which is especially welcome in conservatories.  Maximum insulation can be achieved through the installation of Hive blinds with a foil inner.

Depending on your preference, pleated blinds can be free-hanging or perfect fit for that neat, modern vibe. They can also be retracted to the top of the window or down to the bottom. In either case, the stack is small and unobtrusive. As with many of our other types of blind, pleated blinds can be manually operated or motorised and controlled via remote control or over WiFi.

Your Carolina advisor will be happy to look at all available options so that the final effect is just what you wanted. We also take care to measure your window spaces accurately and each blind is individually made to measure.

Ordering From
Carolina Blinds & Curtains.
Couldn't be simpler! We offer a personal fitting service for our customers. Just get in touch with one our local advisers who can help you through the process.
Fitting Service.
All our made to measure blinds are curtains are individually measured to ensure they fit the window space perfectly. Plus, one of our experienced advisors accurately measures the area to make sure your blinds or curtains are made to your exact requirements.

Step One - Call

Step One - Call

Call our friendly staff, and let us know what you are looking for.

Step Two - Measure

Step Two - Measure

Our staff will come to you.  Measure up and prepare a free quotation.

Step Three - Check

Step Three - Check

We will process your order and let you know when the goods have been checked.

Step Four - Fit

Step Four - Fit

We bring your blinds/curtains to you and fit them.